Posted By: John Richards - Dec 20, 2022
Tool/Resource: Neurodevelopmental MRI Database
These are average template files computed from Freesurfer, or Infant Freesurfer. The individual FS files were translated into the average template space. The “AVG” are averages of the gray matter ribbon and the cortical thickness. The “ANTS…jointfusion” are joint fusion atlases constructed with the ANTS jointfusion method. The “Infant Freesurfer” was used for the ages from 0 to 2 yrs; “Freesurfer” used for ages 2 yrs through 89 yrs. If marked with “allagesfreesurfer”, this is an adaption of the infant freesurfer method which uses average templates for the aseg initialization volumes, from avg templates +/- one “template age”. This method is particularly useful for the infant ages, for which “Infant Freesurfer” does not work with several participants in each template age, wherease “AllAgesFreesurfer” works for almost all infant participants and all child and adult participants.
Note that these files have not been verified for accuracy; and the “allagesfreesurfer” method is not tested or published and currently under development (December 2022).

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