Posted By: Konstantinos Arfanakis - Sep 13, 2022
Tool/Resource: ARTS biomarker
A new version of the ARTS biomarker was uploaded on September 12th 2022. In this version:
- The QC folder includes screenshots of registration results.
- The chi-squared map for tensor fitting using TORTOISE is generated for additional QC.
- dcm2niix is updated to v1.0.20211006 to handle DICOM data from newer scanner software versions.

*IMPORTANT* Do not mix ARTS scores from v1.1 and v1.0 as they are supposed to be different. If you have ARTS scores on a number of subjects from v1.0 and ARTS scores on another group of subjects from v1.1, do not mix the scores from the two versions in the same analysis. Only use ARTS scores generated from the same version.

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