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ARTS is a fully automated biomarker that outputs a score linked to the likelihood a person suffers from arteriolosclerosis based on brain MRI data (3D T1w, T2w FLAIR, DTI data) and basic demographic information (age at MRI, sex). The higher the ARTS score, the higher the likelihood of arteriolosclerosis. A robust MRI data processing pipeline and the classifier are packaged into a software container; therefore, users do not need to perform any image processing, and are only required to install Singularity to run ARTS.

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- The MRI acquisition protocol can be flexible. ARTS has been tested on data from GE, Siemens and Philips 3T MRI scanners.
- ARTS accepts images in both DICOM (preferred) and NIFTI formats.
- ARTS is compatible with Linux and Mac operating systems and can be used on High Performance Clusters.
- In addition to the detailed manual, a HowTo video is provided here:

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