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Oct 24, 2017  08:10 AM | Sonja Findlater
NiiStat download questions
Hi there,

I'm setting up a new macbook with Sierra 10.12.6. I've downloaded MATLAB 2016b (as I understand that 2017 and spm12 don't get along) and NiiStat (version: Oct 2016 here on NIRTC). For some reason, spm and NiiStat files that are "MATLAB Code" or "MATLAB MEX" files on my old mac are being imported to the new mac as "Objective-C Source". When I try to run NiiStat, I get errors that it can't find a particular file i.e. 'nii_stat_core' which IS in the NiiStat folder but has the Objective-C Source file type.
I realize that it is highly likely that is an issue with how my mac is set up, but so far I haven't been successful in getting help from the mac community...

3 Questions:
1) Is the file type (Objective-C Source" instead of "MATLAB Code" the reason that I'm not able to run NiiStat on my new macbook?
2) If so, can you suggest a fix?
3) On NIRTC, the latest NiiStat version is Oct 2016, on GIThub the latest version is Mar 2017. Which do you recommend?

Thanks for any help that you can provide and thank you for NiiStat!

Jun 21, 2018  11:06 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: NiiStat download questions
  Sorry for the delay, but the latest releases of SPM12 do play nicely with the latest versions of Matlab (e.g. 2018a) and MacOS (10.13). Be aware that MacOS is not compatible with some older Matlab releases (e.g. 2012a). NiiStat should be agnostic across all of these. My guess is you have to reset the path of your Matlab. Make sure both SPM12 and NiiStat folders are on your Matlab path.