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May 3, 2018  07:05 AM | Christa Ringers
Missing guide
Hi all, 

I want to start using the CMTK morphometric toolbox for some of the zebrafish data I acquired. 

I find great help on the Jefferis lab wiki.
However, there is a reference to a README that I cannot access for some obscure reason.

''Firstly ensure you have your folder structure set-up correctly. This is described in detail in the README mentioned above that is available from'' 

Is it described somewhere else how to set up the folder structure for using the GUI? 
I greatly appreciate your help. 

Kind regards, 
Jun 9, 2018  09:06 AM | Greg Jefferis
RE: Missing guide
Thanks for the interest Christa. I'm sorry I missed this message at the time, but the README in question should not be necessary unless you have trouble following the outline instructions on the wiki. I have updated the wiki to include a download link for the file.

Best wishes,

Jun 9, 2018  09:06 AM | Greg Jefferis
RE: Missing guide
Attached for good measure.
Attachment: Readme_2012.pdf