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Aug 14, 2015  05:08 PM | Raghav Mehta - CVIT, IIIT - Hyd
RE: GLIRT Tools help

I am using GLIRT in linux with latest version, but I am getting following error everytime when I run it. It is related to the ITK ANALYZE IO library, which is being used in the DemonsRegistration process by DemonsRegistration binary file.

itk::ExceptionObject (0xf99bc0)
Location: "virtual void itk::AnalyzeImageIO::Read(void*)"
File: /shenlab/lab_stor/wangqian/ITK-3.20-compiled-review-on/Code/IO/itkAnalyzeImageIO.cxx
Line: 767
Description: itk::ERROR: AnalyzeImageIO(0xf99140): Analyze Data File : gzread returned bad value: 13107200

Can anyone provide me solution for this??

If somebody can provide source code for DemonsRegistration file, then I can check it, and modify it.


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