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May 16, 2019  07:05 AM | Andrew Worth
RE: Regarding IBSR_V2.0 dataset

The "CMA" files like IBSR_01_CMA.tgz are basically useless because they are in a format that is hard to open.  That must be why they were deleted.

The ANALYZE files are an old imaging format.  See [url=][/url].  This has been superseded by the NIfTI format, see

There are various applications that can open the ANALYZE format such as MIPAV (

Or you can convert them into NIfTI using:

nifti_tool -infiles IBSR_01_ana.img -prefix IBSR_01.nii -copy_im


Originally posted by dalvinder kaur:
I have download IBSR_V2.0, which contains 18 subjects of IBSR_01_ANALYZE.tgz and IBSR_01parc_ANALYZE.tgz to IBSR_18_ANALYZE.tgz and IBSR_18parc_ANALYZE.tgz. Each IBSR_01_ANALYZE.tgz folder contains two subfolders that are images and segmentation. But, I am unable to open the disc image files, and also couldn't find where is the corresponding ground truth images of IBSR dataset. Please also provide the information about IBSR_01parc_ANALYZE.tgz folder. I couldn't find IBSR_01_CMA.tgz file that is explained in the readme file.

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RE: Regarding IBSR_V2.0 dataset
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