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Jun 17, 2019  06:06 PM | Andrew Zalesky
RE: Multiple Comparisons Correction?
Hi Daniel,

If you are only running a few independent tests, I probably would not perform any correction and simply report the p-values for each test. Alternatively, if you are running say 10 or more tests, you could perform FDR.

With a -1/1 t-test, the p-value is one-sided. This means that you have an a priori hypothesis about the direction of the effect (i.e. positive correlation: +1; negative correlation: -1). With a F-test, the p-value is two-sided, meaning that you do not have any a priori hypothesis about the direction of the effect.


Originally posted by Daniel Brennan:
Hello Andrew and others,
Do you suggest any multiple comparisons correction for p-values of individual NBS tests besides Bonferroni?

Also, what is the difference between testing for pos/neg correlation with 1/-1 t-test, and testing for any correlation with an F-test?

Thank you

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Daniel Brennan Jun 17, 2019
RE: Multiple Comparisons Correction?
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