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correlation analysis Lorna Garcia Penton4Jan 13, 2022
How to build a correct design matrix (containing: 5 different brain freq, meds/non-meds, 68*68 connectivity matrices)Suzannah Cunnington1Jan 4, 2022
modeling interaction with continuous predictorsHamed Zivari3Dec 22, 2021
NBS-NBR toolAnnalisa Lella5Dec 21, 2021
NBS toolboxDeepa Nath3Dec 14, 2021
NBS Design matrix for EEG connectivity Tyler Durden4Dec 7, 2021
Compare connectivity matrices of two groupmahnaz ashrafi1Dec 5, 2021
Big Connectivity MatricesQiushi Wang2Dec 4, 2021
directed connectivityYolanda Schlumpf4Dec 4, 2021
Correlation analysis and including an interaction term Paul Dhami3Dec 4, 2021
RM ANOVA with 3 x 2 x 3ezgi3Dec 4, 2021
How to set up contrasts for 3 groups and 3 observations/subject? Remy Cohan2Dec 2, 2021
Multiple primary thresholds correctionPeder Lillebostad3Nov 18, 2021
Design matrix - 2x2 mixed-model ANOVACarolina Ogawa2Nov 2, 2021
The approach to examine group differences on every connection of networkTing Qiu6Oct 25, 2021
The design matrix and contrast for test the difference between three groups.Feng Liu3Oct 22, 2021
Extract adjacency matrix with only significant connectionsLiam Nestor1Oct 8, 2021
design matrixTakuya Ishida2Oct 2, 2021
How to find a reasonable threshold when performing NBS analyses?Ting Qiu2Sep 28, 2021
low suprathreshold t-value YaeJi Kim3Sep 16, 2021
Help with design matrix and contrast for 4x3 modelAlexandra Anagnostopoulou3Sep 9, 2021
How to write design matrix and contrast for continuous variable analysis (not comparison between groups)Qiushi Wang5Sep 1, 2021
Covariates in a 3x2 mixed design rank deficiencyMarie Jack4Aug 17, 2021
Degrees of freedom using NBS asinha1Jul 27, 2021
Using NBS to compare matrices between groups in cases where only 1 matrix exists per groupEric Plitman5Jul 15, 2021
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