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Jun 24, 2019  04:06 PM | Merve Tan
Segmentation Results in IBSR Data
Dear NITRC users,

I am using a pipeline to measure the volumes of cortex GM, WM, ventricular CSF and extra-ventricular (sulcal) CSF. To do so, I do segmentation on T1W brain MRI. I would like to use the ground truth data to evaluate the accuracy of this pipeline.

What I need is not a comparison to other software (e.g. Freesurfer), but instead to check if the pipeline provides accurate and consistent volumetric calculations of these structures. Therefore, I need volumetric results of the ground truth data for each of these structures.

I downloaded the IBSR 2.0 skull-stripped NIFTI, IBSR_V2.0, 20 Normals. When I open these files, I can see the segmentations very well (as attached). However, I cannot find a file that directly gives the volumetric results as cm^3 or number of voxels corresponding to each segmented structure. (e.g. Left ventricle --- cm^3, R WM --- cm^3).

I read the README file and saw that UnZip may cause an artifact. But, I am using "the Unarchiver" for Mac and "7Zip" for Windows. Also, the otl file is empty.

Is there a file that gives the direct volumetric results of these segmented structures? Thank you.


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Segmentation Results in IBSR Data
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