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Jun 25, 2019  08:06 PM | Jia Gaoding
error results _ never end
Dear Sungho,

Thank you so much for this great toolbox. 
I am new to fnirs data analysis, and run into a problem when I process the sample data (stroop) in the function of "individual analysis"-- "result". the problem is when i define a new constrast (e.g t-stats, 0 0 0 1 0 0 0) and click 'Done' in the "SPM constrast manager" panel, the t-statistic map turns out fine in the "spm fnirs viewer stats" panel, but then when I click "Activation" button to do the p value adjustment (accept the default 0.05 FWE),nothing has changed at all, regionally specific effects (eg, cortical activation during incongruent task detected using HbO) could not be identified as shown in Figure 7 in manual, different views also can not be selected using the vertical bar; additionally, at this time, no matter what button I Clicked on the interface, such as saving the current figure, defining new constrast ,nothing could happen. all i know is that the PC is keeping running because the computer fan is spinning fast to dissipate heat and  have to press “ctr+c” to terminate the procedure forcefully.

I got the same problem running on matlab 2016a(Mac pro 2016) or 2014a(Window 10),using the codes: and as suggested.

I tried many times  but this error were still here. I was wondering what could mostly cause it and how to fix it? Any help would be much appreciated.

With best wishes,

PS:Attachments for your reference.

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error results _ never end
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