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Nov 1, 2022  02:11 AM | yasunori
RE: error results _ never end
I am also having the same issue.

When I stopped it, the command line showed the following error.

Operation terminated by user during spm_ECdensity

In spm_P_RF (line 63)
EC = spm_ECdensity(STAT,Z,df);
In spm_uc_RF (line 37)
[P, P, p] = spm_P_RF(1,0,u,df,STAT,R,n);
In spm_uc (line 31)
u = spm_uc_RF(a,df,STAT,R,n);
In spm_fnirs_viewer_stat>push_activation_Callback (line 211)
u = spm_uc(u,df, SPM.xCon(ic).STAT , SPM.xVol.R{view},1,SPM.xVol.S{view});
In gui_mainfcn (line 95)
In spm_fnirs_viewer_stat (line 35)
gui_mainfcn(gui_State, varargin{:});
Interrupt while evaluating UIControl Callback.

It seems that the program can not exit the following "while loop" of spm_uc_RF (line 37)

%-Approximate estimate using E{m}
d = 1;
while abs(d) > 1e-6
[P, P, p] = spm_P_RF(1,0,u,df,STAT,R,n);
[P, P, q] = spm_P_RF(1,0,u + du,df,STAT,R,n);
d = (a - p)/((q - p)/du);
u = u + d;
if isinf(u), u=+Inf; return; end

I was using the sample data following the manual with Matlab R2022b on Mac.

Does somebody find any solution?

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RE: error results _ never end
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