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Jul 18, 2019  11:07 AM | avantika mathur - UNL
Error using PPPI (line 420)
Hi ,
After following the previous thread, I removed the contains.m file from the toolbox. However, I still get the same issue even even after removing contains.m file from the toolbox.

Log File: HL001_PPPI_7_18_2019_9.log
PPPI Version: 13.1.4-17-2014
Parameters used:
Processing subject: HL001
VOI file : /Volumes/wangLab/AM/fMRI/long/HL001/GLM/maxima_mask/LIFG_opercularis_11_modified.nii
Output file will be: HL001_LIFG_opercularis_11_bin.nii_session#_cond_PPI_regressors.txt
Contrast : No adjustment
Analysis : Psychophysiological Interactions
Extraction : eigenvariate
Tasks : _0_Control_Rhyming_Semantic
Method : Condition Specific

Error using PPPI (line 420)
Checking for zipped files failed

Does u have any solution for the same?

I used the same script before and did not run into the error.