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gPPi not work with updated SPM12 (v6906)Yu-Shiang Su6Jan 9, 2022
sample data errorsihua xu0Dec 27, 2021
struggling to get SampleData to work on various setupsO Robinson22Dec 20, 2021
Low correlation between upper and lower triangle FC matrixSelma Lugtmeijer0Nov 12, 2021
Problem with Contrast adjustmentMarcel Daamen3Nov 9, 2021
Errors on Sample DataKazuhisa Shibata0Oct 28, 2021
no con images generatedMarko Rajkovic0Oct 21, 2021
Autocorrelation and input voxel sizeacvdh3Oct 11, 2021
Timeseries Extraction DifferencesRobby Espano2Sep 29, 2021
gPPI error: script misses VOI2 file where it is not necessary paulaberlin7Aug 27, 2021
failed error checking for dependenciesMarko Rajkovic1Jun 9, 2021
Conversion of files between FSFAST and gPPIKazuhisa Shibata2May 5, 2021
Contrasts selection for timeseries extractionkitty zhu2Feb 25, 2021
create VOI using the image not the coordinate?Tina Tasia5Feb 25, 2021
Concatenation problem (spm_fmri_concatenate)Dmit Filin7Jan 25, 2021
Running gPPI on Matlab R2018B: problem and fixMatan Mazor2Oct 30, 2020
gPPI contrast multiple weighted conditionss dewit0Aug 29, 2020
gPPI error in timeseries_extractRozemarijn van Kleef3Aug 19, 2020
Problem with running gPPIGal N-Cohen10Feb 27, 2020
Excitation vs. InhibitionPhil Kuhnke1Feb 20, 2020
One-sided contrast in the gPPI settingGao F0Jan 3, 2020
Two different results on same second level SPM.matFabien Carruzzo2Nov 11, 2019
"PPI Contrasts were not estimated for some reason."Matan Mazor2Aug 15, 2019
PPI between two ROIS and PPI connectivity values.avantika mathur0Aug 4, 2019
VOI2 file does not exist.avantika mathur0Jul 23, 2019
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