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Jun 15, 2021  08:06 AM | salemhannoun - AUBMC
Error using file_array/subsasgn>subfun
I downloaded NiiStat and the demo data to test.
However whener I run as mentioned on the tutorial page, I get the below error.
Could you please advise on how to solve this issue?
I have a Matlab 2016b version and using an iMac with a macOS Big Sur version 11.4.

**** Analyzing First_Try with 50 participants for behavioral variable WAB__AQ across 4628988 (of 727066) regions/voxels.
Error using file_array/subsasgn>subfun (line 164)
Error: File: mat2file.m Line: 16 Column: 7
Character vector is not terminated properly.

Error in file_array/subsasgn (line 85)
Error in spm_write_plane (line 31)
V.private.dat = subsasgn(V.private.dat,S,dat);
Error in spm_write_vol (line 84)
V = spm_write_plane(V,Y,':');
Error in nii_stat_core>saveSumMapSub (line 484)
Error in nii_stat_core (line 106)
saveSumMapSub(hdr, sumImg,statname);%, voxMask); %create image showing sum of values
Error in NiiStat>processExcelSub (line 1075)
nii_stat_core(les, beh, beh_names,hdr, pThresh, numPermute, logicalMask,statname, les_names, hdrTFCE,
Error in NiiStat (line 261)
processExcelSub(designMat, roiIndex, modalityIndex,numPermute, pThresh, minOverlap, regressBehav,
maskName, GrayMatterConnectivityOnly, deSkew, customROI, doTFCE, reportROIvalues, xlsname, kROIs, doSVM,
doVoxReduce, hemiKey, interhemi, statname,GUI, nuisanceMat); %%GY
Error in NiiStatGUI/GOButtonPushed (line 448)
Error in appdesigner.internal.service.AppManagementService/tryCallback (line 207)
callback(app, event);
Error in
Error using matlab.ui.control.internal.controller.ComponentController/executeUserCallback (line 262)
Error while evaluating Button PrivateButtonPushedFcn

Thank you for your help
Best regards

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Error using file_array/subsasgn>subfun
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