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Jul 9, 2021  06:07 PM | Kathryn Hatch
RE: Unexpectedly high H2r
Hi Sam, Thank you for getting in touch.

The warning is simply triggered by high heritability value. It is to encourage you to do the sort of checking you have done.

High heritability should be taken in the context of the environmental factors including age and sex which have already been estimated and removed. Various other factors including unmodeled correlations may cause unexpectedly high heritability values, even 1.0 (not uncommon). Also don't forget to check the standard deviation of the heritability, as it might be difficult to estimate it very well with the present data. The most powerful transformation is inverse normalization such as:

define itrait1 = inormal_trait1
trait itrait1

I hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to contact us again for further clarification!

SOLAR-Eclipse Imaging Genetics Software Team

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RE: Unexpectedly high H2r
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