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Aug 9, 2021  10:08 AM | elisajulia
DWI B0 with gradient values
I am trying to work with some nifti DWI data, obtained from the ISMRM 2021 challenge. This dataset consist of 99 patients, each with some DWI images, for which the bvals and bvecs values are attached (32 directions and B=1000, 1 B=0 image).

I was expecting that the B=0 image had [0, 0, 0] as gradient vector. However, there is no such value in the bvecs value (it is an 33x3 array, all different than 0). Attached is the bvecs file. 

I was wondering what does it mean to have a B=0 image with some gradient directions, and what type of processing/transform do I have to do to obtain the expected vectors.

Thank you very much.