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Jan 9, 2022  03:01 PM | Donald McLaren
RE: gPPi not work with updated SPM12 (v6906)
It should be working. Can you provide the error message that you are getting?
Originally posted by Panagiotis Iliopoulos:
Hello all and @Donald McLaren,

What is the best way to run a gPPI to estimate task connectivity at the moment?

I was thinking to try the CONN toolbox, but I read your post here about the future of the gPPI toolbox and what was planned.

Is this toolbox at the moment working? Is it indeed working on a stand-alone version which can do the job reliably?

Please share any info and valuable advise on that?

Thank you a lot in advance!,


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RE: gPPi not work with updated SPM12 (v6906)
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