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Sep 19, 2023  04:09 PM | Kate Fissell
dcm2nii BIDS field for CoilCombineMethod


I see dcm2niix (I am using v1.0.20220720) when used to convert DWI dicoms extracts a field into the BIDS json called "CoilCombinationMethod" and sets it to a string such as "Adaptive Combine".

Before beginning to explore using BIDS, for Siemens dicom files I had found this information in the Siemens private CSA header, using string  "ucCoilCombineMode" which was set to an integer code such as 2.  In the newer Siemens scanner platforms such as XA20 the dicom CSA information appears unavailable and I could not get the information.  I see dcm2niix does retrieve this for XA20, that is super !

Where does dcm2niix get the CoilCombineMethod for Siemens XA20 platforms ?   I see that the BIDS specification does recommend including "CoilCombinationMethod" for fMRI datasets, but it does not suggest any dicom tags to find it.   Does the BIDS specification define what the "CoilCombinationMethod" field should contain (eg a string vs a code, or what dicom tags it is derived from ) ?

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dcm2nii BIDS field for CoilCombineMethod
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