Release Name: 2.2


This application facilitates preparation on online clinical assessment entry forms for the HID database application. Each online clinical assessment consists of multiple pages. Each page consists of an arbitary depth container and display elements hierarchy. A container contains zero or more display components. A display component corresponds to a form field like text entry field, radio button or to styled text. Each container has a layout manager which constraints how its children (other containers and/or display elements) are laid out with respect to each other and their parent container.

The management of clinical data within the HID is handled by the Clinical Assessment Layout Manager (CALM) and associated Generic Assessment Management Engine (GAME). The main purpose of CALM is to streamline the development of online forms for data entry and for the maintenance of an ever-growing number of clinical assessments. It is composed of an off-line multipage form layout editor and code generator. Online data entry and management is the responsibility of the GAME web application.

Once the form(s) of a clinical assessment are laid out spatially using CALM, the form input fields are linked with the assessment information from the database. The form editor then renders the form using XForms technology (designed to meet the shortcomings of HTML forms, by including device independence, strong separation of purpose from presentation, and universal accessibility). The code generator section of the form editor uses plug-ins to generate document/code for different user interface platforms. The XSL stylesheet generates a Java Server Pages (JSP) document for each form in the clinical assessment. The plug-in also generates a Struts Form Bean for the clinical assessment. Using the JSPs and Form Bean(s) generated by the form editor, GAME provides the data maintenance logic for adding and editing any clinical assessment. Eighteen clinical assessments to date have been created and deployed using this method.