Release Name: BrainNet Viewer 1.1 Released 20111028

Ver 1.1, released 20111028, developed on Matlab R2010b, Win 7 X64. This version is released with some new functions and minor revise to the previous version. Please contact the author, if you need a standalone .exe or .sh version.

- Add an Interface for REST (, and can be called from the Slice Viewer function in REST (in next REST release) to draw a volume-surface mapping graph. (function BrainNet_MapVolume.m to draw volume-surface mapping graph by script). 
- Add a new graph layout called 'Medium view', which would show the lateral and medium side of hemispheres.
- Integrat SPM NIFTI file lodaing functions, SPM NIFTI or Analyzed files can be supported.
- Add several new colormap for volume-surface mapping function, and algorithm of colormap is adjusted
- Adjust the position of nodal label.
- Add a smoothed ICBM152 surface.
- Adjust the Tab order in Option panel.
- Change function name with uniformed prefix 'BrainNet_' to avoid confusion