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Oct 31, 2019 BrainNet Viewer 1.7 is released
Version 1.7 Release 20191031 - Add a new feature to draw boundary of parcellation or cluster - Add a new feature to load color table for each vertex on the surface - Add PlotEdit...
Dec 19, 2018 BrainNet Viewer 1.63 20181219 Released
Version 1.63 Released 20181219 - Fix a bug in combining left and right surface of NV format - Fix a bug in display node color with volume mapping - Fix a bug when the length of inputted...
Nov 13, 2018 BrainNet Viewer 1.62 released
Version 1.62 Released 20181031 - Change color squares to pushbuttons in node module - Modify the UI of option panel - Fix a bug in commandline mode - Adjust ventral view of toolbar -...