Release Name: 20 Normals

20 Normal Subjects, T1-Weighted Scans with Segmentations, download:

  • 20Normals_T1.tgz - 16-bit MR data files
  • 20Normals_T1_p1.tgz - 16-bit MR data files (first half)
  • 20Normals_T1_p2.tgz - 16-bit MR data files (second half)
  • 20Normals_T1_8bit.tgz - 8-bit MR data files
  • 20Normals_T1_brain.tgz - 8-bit MR data files (brain only)
  • 20Normals_T1_seg.tgz - CSF/gray/white/other manually labeled files
  • - 8-b Analyze format MRI and segmentation files (all)
You don't need all of these files!  Pick 16 or 8-bit + the seg file OR the analyze file.