Release Name: Solar Eclipse 7.6.2 Linux beta version

**** New in version 7.6.2

1. Additional results have been added to mga.out:
est_maf (estimated minor allele frequency: mean/2)
est_mac (estimated minor allele copies: mean*samplesize)
dosage_sd (SD of the SNP dosage variable)
The formula used to compute standard errors for mga has been
corrected. The correct formula is sqrt($beta*$beta/$chi).
The variable "chi" is actually "chi-square" and does not
need to be squared.
vcfselect extracts genotype per sample data for a single SNP from
vcf files. vcfinfo extracts genotype information, with or
without the per sample data. These are very experimental and
feedback is requested.

2. 32000 mztwins and 32000 individuals now supported (was 20000 mztwins).
3. 400 simultaneous traits now permitted (was 20). Standard polygenic
models with >50 traits may cause memory exhaustion during maximization
due to the large number of rho*_ij parameters (ntraits*ntraits). This
memory exhaustion problem will be addressed in future versions. With
standard parameterization, memory required during maximization is a
cubic function of the number of traits multiplied by the square of the
size of largest family.
4. Memory leak related to use of the zscore_ operator in defined
expressions now fixed.
5. Now linked with 2014 update to imaging libraries.
6. Improperly formatted mibd file names now cause error message rather
than crashing multipoint with no explanation, or skipping name.
7. fakedata generates large pedigree/phenotypes files with small
families and random data.