Release Name: 3.2.3


Release Notes -- CMTK 3.2.3

This release fixes some minor bugs such as recursive mkdir on Windows, an
ignored command line option in "dcm2image", and remaining bashisms in a number
of scripts. DICOM files with non-integer rescaling are now read as floats,
which changes the behaviour of "dcm2image" in these cases.

This release also implements a workaround for a bug in MXML 2.8, which
effectively prevents reading of XML files. CMTK now detects that version when
configured and builds the bundled MXML library instead.

See README.txt for full release notes.

Release CMTK-3.2.3 (2015-01-19):

(r5381) Fixed: link error on Win64 due to missing implementation of a
conversion method for 64bit integers.
(r5380) Fixed: MXML 2.8 is broken; when this version is detected, fall back to
bundled library version.
(r5378) Fixed: bashisms fixed by merging downstream Debian patch; see Patch
provided by Michael Gilbert .
(r5377) Fixed: on Windows, recursive directory creation failed if the given
path begin with a drive letter. Thanks to Florian Schulze,, for finding and fixing the problem.
(r5375) Fixed: when DICOM files have fractional rescale slope, read image as
floating point, not integer.
(r5375) Fixed: "dcm2image" tool did not respect command line options to ignore
acquisition number tags and disable orientation checks.
(r5374) Fixed: bashisms in two scripts.

See CHANGELOG for complete change log.