Release Name: mask_explorer_2

New in version 2:

- menu with functions in top of GUI window
- importing and exporting coordinates
- listbox with coordinates reacts on mouse right clicks and keyboard to interactively change selected coordinate as actual
- batch mode for creating masks
- report of suitable masks - can be exported to xls or txt

I. mask_explorer_2_02 (02.04.2015) - creating masks now works even if subfolder with data is not selected. If your dataset does not contain data in subfolder in subject folder, just close subfolder
                                                      dialogue window and continue with following window.

II. 10 news in version mask_explorer_2_10 (18.3.2016)
- mask info on current position available after right mouse click on axes
- suitability of loaded masks can be checked for loaded binary ROIs
- suitability of loaded masks can be checked for selected AAL ROIs
- in suitable mask report was added information about coverage of ROIs by individual masks
- AAL localisation of position was added
- for AAL related functionality ME_database_2_10.mat file has to be present in mask_explorer_2_10.m folder or subfolder 'atlases'
- threshold for intensity thresholding in creating masks process can be changed from GUI
- New button 'Find outliers' scores masks and helps with finding outliers in loaded masks. Outputs can be exported to txt or excel files
- threshold on the right is now enabled also for non-integer values
- name and intensity of loaded image in right axes is now displayed