Release Name: Solar Eclipse 8.0.2 Linux beta version

This version makes changes to the output of EVD data to make it useful for
FPHI and
similar fast matrix tests.

**** New in version 8.0.2
1. evdout is entirely redesigned to output the just the EVD transformed
variables, unless the -evectors option is used. The transformed
are writted to evddata.out.
2. New procedures evdinx (reads in X matrix), evdiny (reads in Y matrix),
evdinev (reads in eigenvectors matrix) added to read EVD data written
by evdout into matrixes.
3. evdmat is obsoleted. Use evdout then evdinx, evdiny, and/or evdinev.
Memory-to-matrix commands evdmatx, evdmaty, and evdmatev were designed
but not finished in time for version 8.0.2.