Release Name: 3.3.1


The Computational Morphometry Toolkit

Release Notes -- CMTK 3.3.1

This is a minor bugfix release that addresses an issue with polynomial
transformations that could cause out-of-bounds memory access.

Release Notes -- CMTK 3.3.0
This release replaces signed 32bit integers for pixel indexing with signed
64bit integers, thus removing the previous limitation of allowing no more
than 2B pixels per image.
Platform Support
CMTK has been built and tested on the following platforms:
- Linux 64bit (Fedora 23), gcc 5.3.1
- Cygwin, gcc 4.9.3
- Windows7 x64, VisualStudio 2015 Express for Desktop
Platform-Specific Issues
- Code coverage tests are only supported with gcc compiler and SDK 10.6. Older
SDKs or the clang and llvm compiler front-ends do not support code coverage.
- To use a pre-combiled binary version of CMTK that was compiled on MacOS with
MacPorts compilers, the following MacPorts packages have to be installed
under /opt/local:
- qt4
- sqlite3
- dcmtk
SolarisStudio Compiler, Linux/Intel
- SolarisStudio C++ 12.2 crashes when compiling the "Numerics" library with
full optimization, -O3. A bug report has been filed with, and accepted by,
Workaround: build "MinSizeRel" configuration, which sets optimization level
to O2. Note that OpenMP must be disabled, because otherwise optimization
is bumped back to O3 by default.
This problem is also fixed in SolarisStudio 12.3, but see next issue.
- SolarisStudio C++ 12.3 crashes when compiling the file
"cmtkEchoPlanarUnwarpFunctional.cxx" with OpenMP support turned on.
Workaround: set "CMTK_USE_OPENMP" configuration option to "OFF"; this will
lead to much of CMTK's functionality executing single-threaded.
Open64 Compiler
- CMTK does not build in Release mode with the Open64 compiler due to internal
compiler errors.
This software is available from

Release CMTK-3.3.1 (2016-01-23):

(r5419) Fixed: bug in PolynomialXform class, which lead to out-of-range
array access in the parameter vector when trying to get the
linear matrix of a zero-degree transform (which doesn't exist).
(r5418) Fixed: some compiler warnings revealed by SolarisStudio compiler.