Release Name: older releases: conn v.16.b (last 2016 release)


release 2016b

   Cumulative patch, bug fixes and improvements

   Added option to include higher-order power of confound timeseries (e.g. Friston24 movement parameters)

   Added new voxel-to-voxel r-by-distance scatter plot in Denoising tab

   Added ICA display tools, sorting components (by spatial kurtosis, skewness, spatial correlation with template, temporal frequency, and temporal variability), and ICA-based parcellation ('summary display' tab)

   Added analyses of variability and frequency of network timeseries in ICA ('temporal components' tab)

   Added analyses of variability and frequency of modulatory timeseries in dynamic FC ('temporal components' tab)

   Added design-display plot in second-level results tab

   Added ability to preview F-contrast and simultaneously display multiple individual contrasts in seed-to-voxel second-level results tab

   Added multi-slice plots to 'slice display' gui (in results explorer, and functional/structural/ROI tools)

   Added multi-slice display to ROI-to-ROI results tab

See change.log file in this release for details about previous releases