Release Name: MRIcron/NPM/dcm2nii 2MAY2016

Minor update of dcm2niix and MRIcron (mainly for macOS 10.12). NPM includes new permutation randomization scheme.

For complete change history see
MRIcron : Improved ability to copy images to clipboard
NPM : Permutation thresholds in previous versions were not completely random, while the influence of this was typically negligible when images were listed in random order, this could make the thresholds slightly more liberal or conservative if the images listed in a sorted manner (e.g. lesion size, behavioral deficit). This new version revamps the randomization process, including using the random number generator described by Marsaglia Zaman. Permutation thresholds are now more robust, albeit slower. THe enhanced 64-bit version allows the user to select more threads, which can accelerate the software (assuming your computer has more CPUs).