Release Name: Adults_V2.0

This is the adults (35 to 89 years) section of the Neurodevelopmental MRI Database. It consists of folders organized into "Brain", "Head", and "Sources". Each folder has subfolders with appropriate information (e.g., brain has Atlas, Segments; Sources has BEM, Curry, FEM....). see  Note that 18 to 34 years are in the "YoungAdults" section.  Also note that all the MRIs in this section were 1.5T.  

The averages and numbers of subjects in each age are:
35-39Years 50
40-44Years 61
45-49Years 65
50-54Years 57
55-59Years 73
60-64Years 83
65-69Years 89
70-74Years 101
75-79Years 61
80-84Years 72
85-89Years 36