Release Name: SPM XML Toolbox Manual

A toolbox for SPM was created to capture the results from activation maps using the XML activation schema. The toolbox supports both SPM99 and SPM2 statistical structures and has been tested on SUN, LINUX, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The toolbox has been used to capture PET and fMRI analysis results and the associated analysis model specifications.

Support for anatomical labeling is provided via the Talairach Daemon and Automated Anatomical Labeling toolkits. Anatomical labeling is only available if the Talairach and/or AAL toolboxes are installed on the system.

Optional MNI space to Talairach space corrections are supported via Matthew Brett’s mni2tal scripts. Additional atlas support will be added as those atlases become available and can be integrated into the SPM/matlab environment.

The results are classified into project, study, subject, visit, or series level statistics. By classifying the results under a specific level, additional meta-data can be stored with the statistical results. For instance, one may want to store the statistical activations of a project level analysis across multiple subjects with the description of the protocols used in that project. Support for this type of extended meta-data is provided in the XML-based Clinical Experiment Data Exchange schema (XCEDE).

The toolbox supports independent, user selectable storage and labeling of set, cluster, and voxel level statistics. The storage of x,y, and z coordinates of significant clusters and/or voxels can be specified. The toolbox also provides a user definable description field allowing for custom annotation of the statistical output


To install the toolbox,
1. download the TAR file and uncompress it in your SPM_ROOT/toolbox directory.
2. Restart SPM
3. Now you should see "XML_Toolbox" as a selection in the "Toolboxes" drop down menu within SPM's user interface


Keator D, Gadde S, Grethe J, Taylor D, Potkin S, FIRST BIRN (2005 submitted) A General XML Schema and Associated SPM Toolbox for Storage and Retrieval of Neuro-Imaging Results and Anatomical Labels.