ciftiTools: Tools for Reading, Writing, Viewing and Manipulating CIFTI Files

The `ciftiTools` R package provides a unified environment for reading, writing, visualizing and manipulating CIFTI-format data. It supports the "dscalar," "dlabel," and "dtseries" intents. It establishes the `xifti` object class, which encapsulates greyordinate data (from CIFTI or metric GIFTI files) with corresponding geometry (from surface GIFTI files). The `xifti` object is structured to allow for convenient access to the data and metadata, and the inclusion of surface geometry enables spatially-dependent functionality such as interactive & static visualizations and smoothing. This user-friendly suite of tools helps enable surfaced-based analysis of MR data, including the use and development of more advanced statistical techniques such as Bayesian methods.


GNU General Public License (GPL)
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