DEMON Deep Multi-Contrast Brain Extraction, Application to Human & Animal Imaging

DEMON (DEep Multi-cONtrast skullstripping) is a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) based software tool to generate brainmasks (or skullstrip) from multi-contrast MR brain images, such as T1, T2, PD, or FLAIR. Unlike most other skullstripping methods, DEMON can take multi-contrast inputs, and based on multiple atlases, it generates a brainmask of a given subject image. It is especially useful for images with pathology such as traumatic brain injury (TBI), where most of the traditional skullstripping algorithms perform poorly. DEMON has been shown to be robust on both normal and pathological human brains, as well as rodent (mice and rats) brains.

In addition to the software, we also provide 2 sets of atlas images, one human brains with TBI, and one normal mice . Each atlas contains multi-contrast MRI and their manually delineated brainmasks. If you use DEMON in your research, please cite the following paper,

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Other Keywords:
brain extraction, skullstripping


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