MONSTR Multi Contrast Brain Stripping

MONSTR (Multi-cONtrast brain STRipping) is a software tool to generate brainmasks (or skull-strip) from multi-contrast MR brain images, such as T1, T2, PD, or FLAIR. Compared to other T1-based skullstripping methods, MONSTR can take multi-modal inputs, and based on multi-modal atlases, it generates a brainmask of a given subject image.

It is a patch-based method. Multiple atlas images are first registered to a subject. Then based on the similarities between multiple atlas patches and a given subject patch, the corresponding label (i.e. brain or non-brain) of the subject patch is estimated.

In addition to the software, we also provide 3 sets of atlas images, having 17 subjects in total. Each atlas contains T1, T2, (FLAIR for one set), and their manually delineated brainmasks.

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