ENIGMA resting state fMRI processing pipeline

The ENIGMA rsFMRI pipeline provides tools for pre-processing of fMRI data and measurements of connectivity for stable functional networks, including default mode network. This is yet experimental pipeline that requires only EPI fMRI data and uses a population based template and tissue priors for regression of global connectivity signal. The pipeline is based on AFNI software and includes PCA-based denoising and group-based regularization approach for imputation of censored frames and removal of outliers. The pipeline can also be used for pre-processing of the task-based functional MRI studies in ENIGMA workgroups.The pipeline is distributed as a set of standard unix scripts and software and as a virtual machine's container for unix, mac and windows platforms.
To get involved in any ENIGMA group send us a message -- enigma@ini.usc.edu or support.enigmaDTI@ini.usc.edu.

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