fMRS in pain

This dataset includes fMRS data for 15 participants undergoing a pain paradigm.
The data were collected using a 3 T Philips Achieva scanner (Best, Netherlands) with a single-channel Transmit-Receive (T/R) head coil, using the PRESS localization sequence.

Current available data include:

3D T1 (MPRAGE, TE/TR/TI=3.5/7.7/808 ms, shot interval=1800 ms, 1 mm3 isotropic resolution, FOV (ap/rl/f)=256/200/150 mm3, scan time=5:47).

H-MRS (PRESS, baseline: TE/TR = 22/4000 ms, NSA= 32, scan time = 3:12, and 16 non-water suppressed spectra were acquired; functional: TE/TR = 22/4000 ms, NSA= 16, scan time = 22:4; ACC, voxel size = 30/25/15 mm3 = 11.2 mL, 2nd order shimming, 16-step phase cycle with water suppression using the Excitation option.

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