Generalized PPI Toolbox

An automated toolbox for a generalized form of psychophysiological interactions for SPM and FSFAST.

The automated toolbox can do the following:
(a1) produce identical results to the current implementation in SPM
(a2) use the current implementation of PPI in SPM but using the regional mean instead of the eigenvariate
(a3) uses a generalized form that allows a PPI for each task to be in the same model using either the regional mean of eigenvariate
(b) creates the model using the output of one of the (a) options and the first level design
(c) estimates the model (/results directory)
(d) computes the contrasts specified

When using the toolbox, please cite the following paper:
McLaren, DG, Ries, ML, Xu, G, Johnson, SC. A Generalized Form of Context-Dependent Psychophysiological Interactions (gPPI): A Comparison to Standard Approaches. NeuroImage (in press).

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