Northwestern University Schizophrenia Data and Software Tool (NUSDAST)

The Northwestern University Schizophrenia Data and Software Tool (NUSDAST) is a repository of schizophrenia neuroimaging data collected from over 450 individuals with schizophrenia, healthy controls and their respective siblings, most with 2-year longitudinal follow-up.
The data include:
Neuroimaging data: Structural MR scans, landmarks and surface maps, and FreeSurfer parcellation and measurement)
Cognitive data: domain scores for crystallized intelligence, working memory, episodic memory, and executive function
Clinical data: demographic, sibling relationship, SAPS and SANS psychopathology
Genetic data: 20 SNPs
A neuroimaging mapping, analysis and visualization software tool, CAWorks, is also part of this resource. We have also established a web-based information retrieval portal that allows the user to efficiently search the collection.


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