PESTICA & SLOMOCO: physio and motion correction tools

Physiologic and motion noise are major problems in BOLD imaging. Physiologic EStimation by Temporal ICA or PESTICA is an MRI-based pulse and respiration monitor. SLice-Oriented MOtion COrrection, or SLOMOCO, is a slice-oriented motion correction for 6DOF motion of every slice. These tools are retrospective and work for ASL, multiband and 7T data.

PESTICA detects the pulse and the breathing cycles _from the data itself_, equivalent to a parallel monitored pulse signal and a respiratory chest-bellows signal. One can use parallel monitored or PESTICA-monitored pulse and respiration for correction using the model-based corrections RETROICOR or IRF-RETROICOR.

The other half of PESTICA is an adaptive physiologic noise removal tool (Impulse Response Function or IRF-RETROICOR) that zooms in on noise with only 6 regressors, getting all the noise that 5th order RETROICOR gets (using 20 regressors). These tools will allow you to correct your data for physiologic noise with what you currently have.

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