Ratlas-LH: An MRI template of the Lister hooded rat brain with stereotaxic coordinates

Ratlas-LH is a brain and skull template of the adult male Lister hooded rat designed to aid in the determination of stereotaxic coordinates for brain surgery in this rat strain. It was created from in vivo MRI data from adult male Lister hooded rats and ex vivo micro-CT skull data. The brain template is available separately to assist in the display of PET, SPECT and fMRI data.

Ratlas-LH can be used with free software such as MIPAV and ITK_SNAP to directly read stereotaxic coordinates values. A description of this process is provided in the two files available via the Documents link on this page. A set of delineations from the Waxholm space atlas of the Sprague Dawley rat brain were adapted by image registration to provide a guide to brain areas. These delineations and labels can be used when Ratlas-LH is viewed in ITK_SNAP. The brain-only template has the same coordinate framework as the combined skull and brain template.

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