Scalable Brain Atlas

The INCF Scalable Brain Atlas ( is a web-based, interactive brain atlas viewer, containing a growing number of atlas templates for various species, including mouse, rat, macaque, marmoset, ferret and human. Standard features include fast brain region lookup, point and click to select a region and view its full 3D extent, mark a stereotaxic coordinate and view all regions in a hierarchy. Built-in extensions are the CoCoMac plugin to display Macaque connectivity, and a service to search for similar brain regions in other atlases or species.

The SBA is designed to be customizable. External users can create plugins, hosted on their own servers, to interactively attach images or data to spatial atlas locations.

In 2018, a new web-based application 'Scalable Brain Composer' is added, to display volumetric data and transparent meshes of brain regions together in 3D. Users can import their own data into this service to see how it fits within the atlas.


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