3d Brain Atlas Reconstructor

3d Brain Atlas Reconstructor (3dBAR, http://www.3dbar.org) is a software package for reconstructing three-dimensional models of brain structures from 2-D delineations using a customizable and reproducible workflow.

3dBAR also works as an on-line service (http://service.3dbar.org) offering a variety of functions for the hosted datasets:

- downloading reconstructions of desired brain structures in predefined quality levels in various supported formats as well as created using customizable settings,
- previewing models as bitmap thumbnails and (for webGL enabled browsers) interactive manipulation (zooming, rotating, etc.) of the structures,
- downloading slides from available datasets as SVG drawings.

3dBAR service can also be used by other websites or applications to enhance their functionality.

Check http://www.3dbar.org for detailed description of the software and the latest releases.

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