SOCK (Spatially Organized Component Klassifikator) is a software toolbox that can automatically identify many of the artifact components that are often present in independent component analysis (ICA) of functional MRI (fMRI). The method:
• Does not require temporal information about the fMRI paradigm.
• Does not require the user to train the algorithm.
• Requires only the EPI images (additional acquisition of anatomical images is not required).
• Is able to identify a high proportion of artifact-related ICs without removing components that are likely to be of neuronal origin.
• Can be applied to resting-state fMRI.
• Is automated, requiring minimal or no human intervention.

The method is described in the following paper:
Bhaganagarapu K, Jackson GD, Abbott DF.
An automated method for identifying artifact in
Independent Component Analysis of resting-state fMRI.
Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 7(343):1-16 (2013).

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