UNC-Wisconsin Neurodevelopment Rhesus MRI Database

This is a macaque brain MRI database characterizing the normal postnatal macaque brain development. This longitudinal primate database was acquired from a cohort of healthy macaque monkeys ranging from a few week olds up to 3-year-old adolescents.

Each scan consists of structural (both T1 and T2) and diffusion MRI. T1 and T2 are provided as NRRD format in the original scanner space as well as in a common atlas space where they are rigidly aligned. Diffusion MRI is provided as raw diffusion weighted images. In addition, pre-processing was performed including motion and eddy current distortion correction on the diffusion weighted MR and tensors were calculated with diffusion property maps (FA, MD, Baseline and iDWI).

For further information, see also Young JT et al. The UNC-Wisconsin Rhesus Macaque Neurodevelopment Database: A Structural MRI and DTI Database of Early Postnatal Development. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 2017 Feb 2;11:292–11.


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