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Overall: 4 out of 5Installation: 4 out of 5Documentation: 5 out of 5

Individual Rating Results for masked ICA (mICA) Toolbox

Review 1 of masked ICA (mICA) Toolbox on Feb 21, 2017
Version Reviewed:  v1.14
Overall Ease vs. Functionality:  4 out of 5
Download/Installation Ease:  4 out of 5
Documentation/Support Quality:  5 out of 5
Ratings/Long-term Prospects Comments:  The mICA toolbox is a much needed implementation of masked ICA analyses using the FSL command suite. The toolbox includes single subject ICA, group ICA, atlases for masks and a reproducibility algorithm to determine the optimal # of components. There are a few hurdles in using the software. All of the hotkeys are set to an emacs/linux style. It was also a bit of a challenge to execute the binaries independently of the GUI. I had to go in and edit the source code that checks for the presence of the mICA bin path environmental variable before I could call the individual commands from the terminal. A few things would make this tool even better: It would be great if the tool could pick up where a command left off rather than always overwrite the output directory. Estimate time of completion and a bit more integration with parallel processing tools would go a long way to figuring out the best configuration for your analysis.