Posted By: NITRC Moderator - Jun 13, 2024
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XNAT Central, a long-standing data sharing platform, has reached its end of life. As a result, NITRC-IR has adopted major projects from XNAT Central. Two exemplary high-profile datasets migrating are:

Open Access Series of Imaging Studies (OASIS)

This multimodal dataset from the Knight ADRC at Washington University includes cross-sectional and longitudinal neuroimaging, clinical, cognitive, and biomarker data for normal aging and Alzheimer's disease. It includes data for OASIS-Cross-sectional and OASIS-Longitudinal studies. It has been widely used for analyses, atlas development, and segmentation algorithms.

Northwestern University Schizophrenia Data and Software Tool (NUSDAST)

NUSDAST is an NIH-funded data sharing project to stimulate new research in schizophrenia that contains neuroimaging, cognitive, clinical, and genetic data from over 450 subjects with schizophrenia, most with 2-year longitudinal follow-up.

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