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MRIcroGL: help

Is dcm2niixgui available?

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[NITRC Community • Sep 18 • no comments]

Reproducible Neuroimaging Training Workshop

ReproNim Training Workshop: Nov 10 full day - Nov 11 morning - George Washington University

[NITRC Community • Sep 14 • no comments]

NITRC v2.1.35 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of NITRC v2.1.35. This release focused on a number of smaller issues, improving front-end usability as well as interoperability with other systems. Of particular note are adding TR and field strength to NITRC-IR...

[NITRC Community • Sep 11 • no comments]

Software Carpentry at the SfN Meeting

Software Carpentry (https://software-carpentry.org/) is a non-profit volunteer organization whose members teach researchers computing skills. On November 9th-10th INCF will hold a two-day Software Carpentry workshop at the George Washington University...

[Mayo Clinic Adult Lifespan Template and Atlases • Sep 5 • no comments]

MCALT v1.1 Release

This release adds two new atlases defined in MCALT space: