Posted By: Alfonso Nieto-Castanon - Sep 16, 2009
Tool/Resource: CONN : functional connectivity toolbox
CONN functional connectivity toolbox (v.12.f) includes script for performing fully automated analyses of NYU Test-Retest dataset. Analyses include:
1) Spatial preprocessing (normalization&segmentation of anatomical volumes; realignment, coregistration, normalization, and smoothing of functional volumes)
2) Removal of physiological and movement confounds (using movement regressors and signals from CSF/White matter areas)
3) Estimation of first-level functional connectivity maps for 88 difference sources (Brodmann areas + Fox ROIs), for each subject and for each session
4) Second-level seed-to-voxel connectivity maps and ROI-to-ROI analyses across all subjects/sessions.

~130Gb hard-drive space
~40 hours (no user intervention)
Download and unzip
Add "conn" folder to matlab path
Download NYU dataset (6 .tar.gz files) into a new folder, and from this folder run conn_batchexample_nyu

(see "help conn_batchexample_nyu" for further details)
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