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Tool/Resource: 1000 Functional Connectomes Project

On behalf of the ‘1000 Functional Connectomes’ Project, we are pleased to announce the unrestricted public release of 1200+ ‘resting state’ functional MRI datasets independently collected at 35 sites. All datasets have been generously donated by the principal investigators from the member sites, for the purpose of providing the broader imaging community complete access to a large-scale functional imaging dataset. Age, sex and imaging center information are provided for each of the datasets included in the repository. In accordance with HIPAA guidelines, all datasets are anonymous, with no protected health information included. We anticipate this data-sharing effort will equip researchers with a means of exploring and refining ‘resting state’ functional MRI approaches, and facilitate the growing ethos of sharing and collaboration among imagers.

Repository Details: The image repository for the ‘1000 Functional Connectomes’ Project is located at: Functional imaging datasets are uniformly organized using the NIFTI image format (orientation: RPI; TR information set in files). All functional datasets provided by contributors have been added to the repository without modification, with the exception of conversion to NIFTI format and to a uniform orientation. Anatomical images have undergone face scrambling to protect the identity of participants. Data from each site in the repository can be downloaded individually to provide maximal flexibility to users. Age and sex information is provided for all datasets.

Disclaimer: The ‘1000 Functional Connectomes’ Project datasets are provided freely without assurance or qualifications, regardless of data quality or appropriateness for specific uses by repository data recipients.

Data Citation: As the data-release is unrestricted, researchers are free to publish with any portion of the dataset they choose. We kindly request that the project and specific datasets selected for inclusion in analyses be cited appropriately. An initial publication demonstrating the feasibility of data-pooling and data exploration with the aggregate ‘1000 Functional Connectomes’ Project dataset is currently in submission (title: “Towards Discovery Science of Human Brain Function”).


Bharat B. Biswal and Michael P. Milham


Data Preparation/Organization: Maarten (“The Belgian Workhorse”) Mennes

Steering Committee:
Bharat Biswal (chair)
Randy L. Buckner
Rolf Kotter
Michael P. Milham (coordinating secretary)
Marcus E. Raichle
Arno Villringer
Yu-Feng Zang

Consigliere: F. Xavier Castellanos

Ann Arbor, MI, USA (Christopher S. Monk/Rachael D. Seidler/Scott J. Peltier)
Atlanta, GA, USA (Helen S. Mayberg)
Baltimore, MD, USA (James J. Pekar/Stewart H. Mostofsky)
Bangor, UK (Stan Colcombe)
Beijing, China (Yu-Feng Zang)
Beijing, China (Xu-Chu Weng)
Berlin, Germany (Sein Schmidt)
Berlin, Germany (Daniel Margulies)
Bethesda, MD, USA (Monique Ernst)
Cambridge, MA, USA (Randy L. Buckner)
Cambridge, MA, USA (Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli)
Cleveland, OH, USA (Mark J. Lowe)
Dallas, TX, USA (Bart Rypma)
Durham, NC, USA (Lihong Wang)
Durham, NC, USA (David J. Madden)
Hvidovre, Denmark (Anne-Marie Dogonowski/Kristoffer Madsen)
Leiden, Netherlands (Serge A. R. B. Rombouts)
Leipzig, Germany (Arno Villringer)
London, Ontario, Canada (Peter Williamson)
Magdeburg, Germany (Martin Walter)
Milwaukee, WI, USA (Shi-Jiang Li)
Munchen, Germany (Christian Sorg/Valentin Riedl)
Nanjing, China (Gao-Jun Teng/Hong-Ying Zhang)
New Haven, CT, USA (Michelle Hampson)
New York, NY, USA (Michael P. Milham/F. Xavier Castellanos)
Newark, NJ, USA (Bharat B. Biswal)
Orangeburg, NY, USA (Matthew J. Hoptman)
Oulu, Finland (Vesa J. Kiviniemi/Juha Veijola)
Oxford, UK (Steve M. Smith/Clare Mackay)
Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Greg Siegle)
Portland, OR, USA (Damien Fair/Bonnie Nagel)
Queensland, Australia (Katie McMahon)
Taipei, Taiwan (Ching-Po Lin)
Saint Louis, MO, USA (Bradley L. Schlaggar/Steven E. Petersen)
Vienna, Austria (Christian Windischberger)

Project Support/Funding:
Financial support for the ‘1000 Functional Connectomes’ project was provided by grants to F. Xavier Castellanos and Michael P.Milham from the following: NIMH (Castellanos: R01MH083246; RO1MH081218), NIDA (Clare Kelly; R03DA024775; Castellanos: R01DA016979), and Autism Speaks. Also, grants to Bharat Biswal from NINDS (R01NS049176) and to Jonathan S. Adelstein from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, as well as gifts to the NYU Child Study Center from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Leon Levy Foundation, Joseph P. Healy, Linda and Richard Schaps, Jill and Bob Smith, and the endowment provided by Phyllis Green and Randolph Cōwen. NITRC is funded by the NIH Blueprint for Neurosciences Research ( Contract No.:N02-EB-6-4281 to TCG, Inc.
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